Most of our work involves mechanical stringing, but we also perform hand assembly work for projects outside the parameters of our machines. We would be happy to provide an estimate for your uniquely creative tag design.

Hand Stringing with Pre-Drilled Holes

We usually require that you send us your hang tags without holes for mechanical stringing. However, life is full of unplanned changes and if your tags have already been drilled or punched, we can hand-string or hand-loop your tags for you.

Example of Strung Tag


This tag has been strung, meaning that a single thickness of string goes through the tag, resulting in the string hanging perpendicular to the tag.

Example of Looped Tag


This tag has been looped, meaning that a double thickness of string goes through the tag, resulting in the string hanging parallel to the tag.

Unusually Long or Short Lengths

Our stringing machines have different parameters for minimum and maximum loop lengths, based on the type of string used. The vast majority of our non-elasticized strings can be in between 3" and 8" hole-to-knot (length of flat loop) whereas our elastics are shorter, and vary. Our standard elastic can be from 1-1/2" to 5" hole-to-knot.

Multiple Tags Strung Together

We often see requests for two tags of different stock or material, looped onto one string. There is no mechanical way to achieve this result, so we offer an option to string the two tags by hand onto one loop of string. Assembly by hand can be a time-consuming process, but yields a distinctive and beautiful product.