Some tags need a more substantial kind of elastic, which is why we offer our #80 elastic: our thickest option. Retail tags which endure more use and abuse than other tags are a prime example. This elastic is a good choice for using on a product that employees or customers will handle a lot. Tags printed on a heavier paper or board stock are also a good match with this thicker option. Any tag designed to have some heft would look odd strung with a thin elastic like you find on a liquor bottle. Our #80 elastic is a great option if your tag will be on very thick stock like as coaster board. With such a pairing, a cartoonish and playful appearance can result. This sort of look could work perfectly for a Postmodern style, or for products for a younger set of consumers.


Besides its heft, strength, and width, our #80 elastic boasts another defining attribute: its smooth texture. The core of elastic is stretchable material, but its exterior is essentially threads of fiber wrapped around the core. With the increased diameter, there is greater surface area, and hence a larger area of fiber. The greater amount of wrapping yields an elastic which feels more fabric-like. This is noticeably smoother to the touch than its thinner elastic alternatives. The smooth surface of the elastic is evident in the photographs below, but not so evident as it is when handled. Contact us to request a sample and feel the difference for yourself.

Tags with a metallic copper finish strung with our #80 elastic in white. Tags with black and white striped graphic elements strung with our #80 elastic in white.

#80 Elastic

Our #80 elastic is our thickest elastic, thicker than both our standard elastic and our nonfray elastic. It has a surface with a smooth and shiny appearance, and is presently available in a muted white, as shown in the photographs below.