Our standard rayon string is our most economical stringing option, and is available in black or white. We offer this option for projects in which value is essential. This thin yet sturdy string will get the job done at the right cost and consequently, will do the trick for simpler tags. Inspection tags, industrial tags and or other ‘in-house’ applications are well served with this material. If you are selling packs of blank hang tags with string, this is also a very good option. Standard rayon string is also ideal for garment alteration tags, coat-check tags, and valet tags.

Folded tags on glossy stock with black, gray, and yellow color fields strung with standard black rayon string.

Standard Rayon, Black

We see this color used frequently for tags on lighting fixtures, furniture, small appliances, and musical instruments. This shade tends to show less of the 'fuzzy' quality of this string, which is an ideal choice for when utility and economy are a must.

White tags with ovular medallion graphic and black copy strung with standard black rayon string.

Standard Rayon, White

We see this color of rayon used most often for industrial applications, garment alterations, museum admission tags, and inspection tags. The 'fuzzy' nature of this material is more evident in white.

Teal museum tags with white copy strung with standard white rayon string. Economically made tags for institutional use strung with standard white rayon string.