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Photograph showing the folding process, with folded tags coming off our mechanical folder.


FOLDING EXPERTS M&F Stringing can fold your tags, too! We are able to parallel-fold your trimmed, scored tags to their finished size. While we cannot currently right-angle fold (cross-fold) a tag, our experts have experience with folding difficult configurations of all kinds. Odd and difficult shapes and sizes are our specialty, like...
Monochrome photograph showing the different textural qualities of various spools of string.


The selection of materials is crucial for any tag project. The various options that we offer represent opportunities to make a tactile connection to the consumer in a retail environment. We stock an enormous variety of these, including cotton, rayon, and a number of specialty elastics, as well as metallic...
Photograph of bundles of knotted loops; from top left: dark orange mercerized cotton, red-white variegated Pearlray, leaf green heavyweight Pearlray, and black waxed cord.

Knotted Loops

TIME BEING OF THE ESSENCE Deadlines are deadlines, and schedules tend to be unforgiving, particularly on short runs, or small orders. When there is not enough time to send a job to us for stringing, knotted loops are also available. This is a very popular option for last-minute emergencies, which...
An example of our eyeletting process: Tyvek tags with brass eyelets and polished cord.


APPEARANCE OF TAGS WITH EYELETS A robust tag design can incorporate an eyelet, which not only enhances the appearance of the tag but also substantially reinforces the hole. Our eyeletting process uses metal eyelets, which we stock in either a brass or nickel finish. These two finishes have a gold...
Photograph of hand assembly components, including red waxed cord, and safety pins typically used for application to garment tags.

Hand Assembly

HAND ASSEMBLY TO THE RESCUE Most of our work involves mechanical stringing, but we also perform hand assembly work for projects outside the parameters of our machines. Life is full of unplanned changes. Sometimes hand assembly necessarily fills this gap in order to accomplish a satisfactory result. If a job...
A monochrome photograph of a principal component of our packing process: our vintage tape machine, still going strong after decades of use.


THE IMPORTANCE OF PACKING We understand how packing and shipping activities are essential to the smooth functioning of any finishing operation. We offer a variety of different options for organizing, packing, and shipping your project. Our final interaction with your finished tags is the packing and shipping stage of the...

About us

What separates us from the competition is that we specialize in what is possible with hang tag design and we offer custom string options tailored to fit your unique project.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their marketing goals in the most efficient and effective ways possible.


M&F Stringing offers complete hang tag, envelope, and booklet stringing services. We offer mechanical stringing, punching, eyelet application, and folding. M&F also offers a range of hand assembly services for projects outside the parameters of stringing machines. Specifically, we offer hand looping and hand stringing  for unique projects and multi-tag assemblies. Our reputation for offering a wealth of string options is rock-solid. We have a large inventory of different types of strings, in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Among these, we offer multiple weights of mercerized cotton, metallic lamé, solid color Pearlray and bi-color variegated Pearlray. M&F Stringing also offers a large selection of heavy cords, twines, and natural fibers such as jute and hemp. We also have a range of elastics, including specialized non-fray and metallic elastics. Lastly, we offer a range of specialized strings with customization options as part of our Signature Collection.


We are a domestic manufacturer consistently committed to quality, with a team of experts standing by and ready to help. Our staff has years of experience to help bring your ideas and design concepts from prototype to production. M&F Stringing has a longstanding reputation as a premier hang tag stringing operation due to the consistency and quality of our work. In particular, we always aim to educate new customers about how our niche of the print industry can assist them. Consequently, we invite you to discover everything that M&F Stringing can do for you. Let us be a part of your next hang tag design and help your project shine!