A robust tag incorporates metal eyelets, which not only enhances the appearance of the tag, but also reinforces the hole. We stock the standard brass and nickel options, for either a gold or a silver finish. In addition to these, matte black, antique bronze, and antique copper are newly available.

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The eyelets we use are 1/4″ OD (outer-diameter) or, rather, 1/4″ from one end of the flange to the other. The inner portion of the eyelet, or rather, the barrel, is 3/16″ ID (inner-diameter) and accommodates any string that we offer. The flange dimensions and clearances will therefore be the information most relevant to the design of your hang tag. Most of all, you will want to be sure that adequate space remains around the proposed location of the eyelet. Because the flange is wider than the barrel, we need to be sure to prevent our eyeletting process from obscuring any part of your copy. Consequently, you may want to seek additional guidance on designing your hangtag. We invite you, therefore, to check our Design Guidelines for relevant guidance and information.

Folded Tags with Eyelets

Eyelets, when used on a folded tag, are a highly practical application. As seen in the image at left, the eyelet holds one folded end firmly closed, allowing the other end to be opened like a hinge. This style sees the most use with luggage or valet tags.

Synthetic Tags with Eyelets

Tags of synthetic stock find use in many applications, including food production and plant nurseries, among others. Eyelets are an excellent way to additionally reinforce a tag which may be exposed to moisture or damp conditions.

Gift Envelopes with Eyelets

We specialize in stringing gift envelopes, both sealed or unsealed. Gift envelopes can serve a wide range of industries, and can contain items as varied as heirloom seeds, scented bath products, store gift certificates, and many other gift items.

Industrial Applications

Eyeletted tags serve in a wide variety of industrial applications, from garment production to industrial facilities. A tag with a metal eyelet is a simple and useful type of reinforced tag, and one which does not require synthetic print stock.

Eyelet Finishes

We always stock our metal eyelets in ever-popular brass and nickel. For special and custom orders only, we now offer eyelets in antique bronze and dull matte black. Contact us for more information about our new eyelet finishes.