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Some of us are visual learners, while others prefer to read the published word. To better inform you, we have compiled a list of some of the more frequently asked questions about our process. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page helps to ask some of the questions some of you may be afraid to ask. These questions are to guide you and assure you that we are happy to answer all of your questions. If you have a question that you do not see listed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) please contact us. You may want to also have a look to see if your question is visually described in our Design Guidelines. If it is not answered there, either, then please reach out – we are here to help.

How big a tag can you string?

We can string tags up to 5″ along the edge which will be strung and up to 11″ along the other. Please contact us if you have specific questions about our technical capabilities.

What kinds of string can I get on my tags?

We offer mercerized cotton, ribbon, metallic lamé, bakery twine, rayon, Pearlray, a variety of cords, natural fibers like jute and hemp, and a variety of elastics including metallic elastic and non-fray elastic. We also offer specialty strings as part of our Signature Collection. Check out our String page for a comprehensive guide to all the options we offer.

How long can the loops on my tags be?

The length of a loop on a tag varies by the application or product, and each type of string has different parameters for minimum and maximum length. Check out out our Design Guidelines for a information about how to specify your project.

Where does the hole go on the tag?

The size of the hole depends on the kind of string we use for your tag.

The location of the hole depends on that, too, and a few other things:

  • We need there to be 1/8″ in between the hole and any cut edge.
  • We need there to be 1/8″ in between the hole and any score or fold.
  • We need there to be 1/8″ in between the hole and any artwork or copy.

For complicated die-cut shapes it gets a little more complicated, but we can help you get it right. Check out out our Design Guidelines for a information about punching the hole on a hang tag.

Can you reinforce the holes on my tags?

Yes. We can reinforce your tags with brass, nickel, antique copper, antique bronze, or black eyelets. We do not do fiber patch reinforcement yet but we hope to, soon. Check out our Eyeletting page for more information about the process. You will also find some images of eyelets on tags to give you some ideas.

How can you help my tags stand out?

We can string a lot of interesting shapes and configurations, like circles, ovals, hearts, and many more. Check out out our for guidance about locating the hole on your tags, or contact us for more information or to ask us about how to make your unique project stand out from the crowd.


How do you pack tags when you ship them?

We pack out most tags of ordinary size in bundles of approximately 50 tags, and then pack out the bundles in bulk cartons weighing less than 35 lbs. Check out out our Design Guidelines for more information about how to ship your tags to us.