Pearlray is a type of rayon string which is known for the shiny surface of its braided profile. As the name suggests, its opalescent surface readily catches the light and is smooth to the touch. A natural for the higher end of the market, it has an unmistakably satiny appearance. Similar in appearance to a tassel, this string is perfect for featuring a specialty product or an item of distinction. It also works well for bookmarks or for commemorative printed items of any kind. This string is a great choice for garments, accessories, jewelry, and other luxury products.


We offer this splendid string in a variety of solid colors in both lightweight and heavyweight styles, as shown on the Solid Color Pearlray page. Click on the image below to view those options at the bottom of the subsequent page. White and black are always in stock, as well as a variety of solid colors, which may vary from time to time. We also offer this beautiful string in three visually striking bi-color configurations, in our heaviest weight. Check out all of the available options and if you have any questions or need samples, please contact us.

Spool of solid red Pearlray.

Solid Color Pearlray

A spool of our variegated red-white Pearlray.

Variegated Pearlray