The selection of a string is crucial for any tag project, and is an opportunity to make a tactile connection to the consumer. We stock cotton, rayon, cords, twines, and specialty elastics, as well as lamé, ribbon, hemp, and jute.

Examples of custom string.


An image of a spool of mercerized cotton in Petal Pink.

Mercerized Cotton

A spool of our standard elastic in red.


A spool of lavender Pearlray.


A spool of our red and white bakery twine.

Bakery Twine

A spool of our black waxed cord.


A spool of our jute twine.

Natural Fibers

A spool of our gold metallic lamé.

Metallic Lamé

A spool of standard white rayon string.

Standard Rayon

A spool of 1/16" double-faced satin ribbon in hot pink.

Satin Ribbon