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The selection of materials is crucial for any tag project. In our experience, one of the most defining attributes is typically the string. Our materials offer opportunities to make a tactile connection to the consumer. Traditionally, this has taken place in a brick-and-mortar retail environment. However, commerce has changed quite a lot in recent years. With the rise of e-commerce in recent decades, this connection is no longer limited to stores. In today’s world of constant package deliveries, this connection to a product via its packaging can still take place!

That moment of engagement with the visual appeal of a product is a goal of all consumer packaging. Our goal is to ensure that this is achieved with your tag project. We know how to guide designers, buyers, and those new to stringing through the process of selecting string, by color, finish, and texture. Particularly if you are new to tags and stringing, we invite you to browse our visual galleries. Each image below opens up a new page with a gallery of string images, grouped by type. You will find images of tags with of many different varieties, and in different contexts. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, or to request samples. We are always happy to help bring your tag project to life!


We stock an enormous variety of string and elastics. In addition to cotton, rayon, and a range of specialty elastics, we also offer metallic lamé and ribbon. We also stock an unparalleled range of cords and natural fibers. We have also introduced our Signature Collection of bespoke strings for projects of distinction. Check out our String Guide to browse our options. 

Examples of custom string.
An image of a spool of mercerized cotton string in Petal Pink.
A spool of our standard elastic string in red.
A spool of lavender Pearlray - a synthetic string.
A spool of our red and white bakery twine.
A spool of black waxed cord.
A spool of jute twine, an example of our natural string options.
A spool of our gold metallic lamé, a shimmering string.
A spool of 1/16" double-faced satin ribbon in hot pink.