Metallic Lamé is an excellent choice for holiday items or occasional gifts. Lamé is available in both gold and silver, in a 3-ply and a 4-ply thickness. This string has a faceted appearance which catches the light, delights the eye, and draws the attention of the consumer.


3-Ply Gold Metallic Lamé

Our 3-ply metallic gold lamé is often used for gift items sold during the winter holidays. Lamé, uniform throughout in its metallic color, is often used with traditional gift items like ornaments and jewelry.

Tags with old Father Christmas graphic strung with 3-ply gold lamé. Tags with leaf and ribbon design strung with 3-ply gold lamé.

3-Ply Silver Metallic Lamé

Our 3-ply metallic silver lamé has been specified for an array of hang tags on garments, accessories, and fragrances, is suited to neutral color schemes, and is a sturdy alternative to other metallic strings.

Yellow tags with tone-on-tone pattern design strung with 3-ply silver lamé. Stitched booklets on thin silver gray stock strung with 3-ply silver lamé.

4-Ply Gold Metallic Lamé

Our heavier 4-ply metallic gold lamé has a more luxuriant rounded profile than its thinner counterpart, and is well suited to the luxury goods market. We see it used often with garments and fragrances.

Canary yellow and winter white striped tags on thin stock strung with 4-ply gold lamé. Tags of thick cream-colored stock with a gold metallic border strung with 4-ply gold lamé.

4-Ply Silver Metallic Lamé

Our 4-ply metallic silver lamé is a higher-end option used primarily for haute couture, fragrances, and cosmetics. It has a substantial feel when handled, and is complementary to almost any color palette.

Lime green folded tags strung with 4-ply silver metallic lamé. Blue corner-cut tags with silver metallic snowflake graphic and nickel eyelets strung with 4-ply silver metallic lamé.
Photograph of 4-ply gold lamé (at left) and 3-ply gold lamé (at right) to illustrate the difference in comparative thickness.

3-Ply Gold Lamé

4-Ply Gold Lamé

COMPARISON: 4-Ply vs. 3-Ply Metallic Lamé

Both thicknesses of our metallic lamé require a 1/8" hole to be punched, as shown in the accompanying image. As with all digital representations of materials, seeing a material does not yield the same experience as holding a a physical sample. Contact us to learn more or request samples of metallic lamé in any of the sizes and colors shown on our site.