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The principal goal of our design guidelines is a simple one. We want to help you get the best results with your tag project or marketing campaign. Customers always benefit by understanding how our processes work; this yields the best results for new customers and longstanding accounts. This understanding streamlines the processes of designing, quoting, and producing a tag project. This basic knowledge of tag design enables anyone to design a tag that works with our processes, without reverse engineering. We hate to disappoint folks who have already designed their tag, only to discover they have to change their design. This can be  prevented, by letting us show you how we can do our best work for you. In order to provide guidance to you about how to design a hang tag, we have put together a set of design guidelines for your use.


Our goal is to address the more frequently-asked questions and commonly cited issues that we hear from printers and designers. Very frequently, we hear from folks who are less than completely familiar with tag stringing. We want to equip new customers to be conversant with these processes. These design guidelines will cover the important parts of tag stringing operations and some typical design parameters. These include tolerances and layout, and also how to determine the length of the loop and how a tag hangs. Also covered in our design guidelines are a few basic parameters for designing uniquely shaped tags. We also discuss how to ensure that your tags arrive at our facility in optimal condition.


Please take a moment to check out our design guidelines at your leisure. If you still have questions, please feel free to have a look at our FAQ page. You may still have more specific questions about how this all works, and we welcome all of your queries. You can always contact us directly, and ask anything at all. We are here to serve you.

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