M&F is capable of parallel folding your trimmed, scored tags in addition to stringing. We can hand-fold or parallel fold all sorts of tags, but odd and difficult shapes and sizes are our specialty, like circles and die-cut tags.

Standard Four-Page Folded Tag

We fold many different kinds of tags, and one of the most popular folded tag configuration by far is the simplest four-page tag. We use 'four-page' to refer to each side of each panel. We can fold tags as small as 2-1/2" by 1-1/4" down to 1-1/4" by 1-1/4".

Six-Page Tags (Three-Panel)

We can also fold your six-page (three panel) tags. These are ideal for recipes and cocktail mixing instructions, and accordingly, are often used with liquor and specialty food tags, to tell the story of a brand creatively and effectively.

Folded Circle Tags

We specialize in folding odd shapes, and one of the difficult configurations we see most often is a folded circle. Circular tags can be very effective in drawing the gaze of the consumer to a product, and with the use of a fold, there can be a lot of extra space for copy.