M&F Stringing can parallel-fold your trimmed, scored tags to their finished size. M&F’s expert staff can fold all sorts of tags, like circles and die-cut shapes. We can also double parallel-fold in order to create accordion-fold booklets, or inward-folding multiple-panel tags. Odd and difficult shapes and sizes are our specialty.


For projects with folding in the scope of work, it can be useful to have us fold your tags, as well. Our production staff are very familiar with the interconnected processes of folding and stringing, and this can be valuable if a problem becomes apparent. Sometimes, our staff will make adjustments to the folding process to prevent a problem with the appearance of the finished, strung piece. We want to ensure that your finished piece looks just right.


While we cannot currently right-angle fold (cross-fold) a tag, our experts have experience with folding difficult configurations of all kinds. We also work with other finishing partners on right-angle folded pieces and other sorts of tags.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our folding capabilities.

Standard Four-Page Folded Tag

The most popular folded tag configuration, by far, is the simple four-page tag. The use of the term 'four-page' refers to each side of each panel: four in total. We can even fold very small tags: as small as 2-1/2" by 1-1/4" down to 1-1/4" by 1-1/4".

Six-Page Tags (Three-Panel)

We can also fold your six-page (three panel) tags. These are ideal for recipes and cocktail mixing instructions, and accordingly, are often used with liquor and specialty food tags, to tell the story of a brand creatively and effectively.

Folded Circle Tags

We specialize in folding odd shapes, and one of the difficult configurations we see most often is a folded circle. Circular tags can be very effective in drawing the gaze of the consumer to a product, and with the use of a fold, there can be a lot of extra space for copy.