This is one of our most commonly used string options, due to its ability to fit snugly around a product. It is a versatile option, but most of all, it can be applied to almost any product in a retail context. Importantly, it can be applied to any product without the use of an applicator. We offer a range of different types, in a large array of colors, for every design and for every budget. From our basic standard elastic to our non-fray and metallic options, to our thickest option, we have a solution. We invite you to view all of these material options to find the best fit for your project. Please take a moment to browse the categories below, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


For any tag that needs to remain in place, this string option is a physical requirement. Most wine and liquor bottles need no more than our standard elastic in a stock color. This also works well for coat check and valet tags, or for luggage tags, but perfume bottles are another matter. For customers with extremely discerning accounts in fashion and beauty markets, our non-fray option is an industry standard. We stock this particular item in a variety of rich colors for your projects of distinction. Holiday gifts and items at the higher end of the market benefit from the reflective glint of our metallic elastic. For projects requiring a more substantial choice, the thickest option, our #80 elastic, works best. If you are not sure about what kind you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to hear about the particulars of your tag project and guide you toward optimal material choices.

A spool of our standard elastic in red.

Standard Elastic

A spool of our rare light green non-fray elastic.

Non-Fray Elastic

A spool of our gold metallic elastic.

Metallic Elastic

A close-up photograph of a spool of our #80 elastic in white.

#80 Elastic