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NEW – Gold Braid

An image of a spool of gold braid.

M&F Stringing is now offering a high-end material option: gold braid. Our gold braid has a distinctive cylindrical profile, in contrast to our other metallic options like 3-ply and 4-ply metallic lamé. While lamé has a profile that is less pronounced, this gold braid is sure to stand out from any…

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NEW – Signature Collection

Spools of a few samplings from our Signature Collection of custom string.

M&F proudly presents the new Signature Collection, an assortment of custom string options for projects of distinction. For sufficiently large orders, and given lead time, we can work with our string suppliers to produce bespoke cotton string, Pearlray, or metallic yarn matched to your unique design. The use of one-of-a-kind…

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NEW – Cotton Rope Cord

A spool of Cotton Rope Cord.

We are happy to introduce our new cotton rope cord, which is one of our thickest string options. It has a distinctive braided profile, closer in appearance to rope than any of our other options. Available in a natural white, this string is an excellent choice for anything handmade and…

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NEW – Design Guidelines

An excerpt from our Design Guidelines. (

With a goal of providing guidance about the strange and mysterious world of hang tag design, we have assembled a visual dictionary for your use. Our aim is not to demonstrate our Illustrator skills, but to address the most frequently asked questions in a visual format, so as to make these design…

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NEW – Hemp String

A photo of a spool of weathered-looking 6-ply hemp twine.

Perennially cool and authentic, our braided hemp twine is wet-spun. This natural fiber is famously useful, with many historical applications in garment and textile production. We offer this material in two thicknesses. Our lighter-weight 3-ply hemp twine is ideal for many different uses and small accessories of all kinds, whereas our…

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NEW – Satin Ribbon

A spool (and a small coiled length) of our white 1/16" double-faced satin ribbon.

We at M&F Stringing are proud to present to the public our newest stringing option: 1/16″ double-faced satin ribbon. This is a luxuriant option for a high-end tag, and a natural choice for garment and lingerie products. Ribbon can lend importance to a tag of an official nature, or denote a…

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