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NEW Metal Eyelet Finishes

Image showing our five metal eyelet finishes, including our three new metal eyelet finishes: brass, nickel, black, antique bronze, and antique copper.

Eyelet application remains one of our core strengths. In addition to basic designs, we are also able to apply eyelets to unusually-shaped and oddly-sized tags. We can also apply eyelets to both panels of a folded tag, among other configurations considered difficult to achieve. We are expanding our offerings to include…

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Hole Punch Sizes

A visual guide illustrating the hole punch sizes used for various string options.

M&F Stringing offers a wide variety of strings of varying thicknesses and qualities. We use different hole punch sizes to suit the width of each string option. MATERIALS We offer thinner string options like bakery twine, standard rayon, and metallic lamé, and mid-size options. These include a range of elastics,…

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NEW Gold Braid

An image of a spool of our new gold braid.

M&F Stringing now offers our new gold braid, a luxuriant material for projects of distinction. We love this material for how it catches the light, and invites the consumer to pick it up. Unlike other metallic options such as metallic lamé, our new gold braid features a distinctive rounded profile. While…

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NEW Signature Collection

Spools of a few samplings from our new Signature Collection of custom string.

BESPOKE OPTIONS M&F presents the new Signature Collection, an assortment of custom strings for your marketing projects of distinction. We work with our suppliers to produce bespoke multi-color cotton string, variegated Pearlray, or metallic yarns matched to your design. We find that the multi-color options of our new Signature Collection…

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NEW Cotton Rope Cord

A spool of our Cotton Rope Cord.

APPEARANCE AND TEXTURE Our new cotton rope cord is one of our thickest available options among our cords selections. It boasts a distinctive braided profile in addition to its relative thickness. With a worn surface, it most closely resembles old rope. While our Pearlray and bell cord also have a rope-like…

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NEW Design Guidelines

An excerpt from our Design Guidelines. (

OUR GOAL Here at M&F Stringing, we interact with all sorts of customers. We hear from folks who have never had the opportunity to work with hang tags as a sales tool. Routinely, we work with seasoned marketing veterans who know the printing (and sometimes, stringing) process inside and out….

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NEW Hemp String

A photo of a spool of our new hemp string, a weathered-looking 6-ply hemp twine.

APPEARANCE AND STYLE Perennially cool and authentic, our new hemp string is a braided, wet-spun hemp twine. This natural fiber is famously useful, and also has many historical applications in textile, jewelry, and rope production. We offer this rugged-looking material of rustic origins in two thicknesses. Our lighter weight 3-ply hemp twine…

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NEW Double Faced Satin Ribbon

A spool (and a small coiled length) of our new double faced satin ribbon, in white.

APPEARANCE AND STYLE M&F Stringing proudly presents yet another string option, our new double faced satin ribbon. Our double faced satin ribbon, available in a 1/16″ width, is a luxuriant option for any high end tag. It is a natural choice, therefore, for garment and lingerie products. Historical applications of…

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