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NEW Metal Eyelet Finishes

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Image showing our five metal eyelet finishes, including our three new metal eyelet finishes: brass, nickel, black, antique bronze, and antique copper.

Eyelet application remains one of our core strengths. In addition to basic designs, we are also able to apply eyelets to unusually-shaped and oddly-sized tags. We can also apply eyelets to both panels of a folded tag, among other configurations considered difficult to achieve. We are expanding our offerings to include new metal eyelet finishes in order to suit a wider range of projects.


With products and gifts trending toward the historical, the homemade, and the handcrafted, eyelets are ever-increasingly considered design elements. Once the province of industrial tags for boiler inspection and parts warehouses, eyelets have now become part of “the look.” As a result, tags for rugged-looking products now use eyelets to communicate their utilitarian aesthetic, from whiskey to watches. Consequently, we have developed a soft spot for these rough-and-tumble tag projects. We invite you to consider specifying our new metal eyelet finishes for your next product launch or marketing campaign.


We have always stocked metal eyelets in the ever-popular brass and nickel finishes, for gold and silver tones, respectively. Three new metal eyelet finishes are now available: black, antique bronze, and antique copper. We now offer the ideal solution for tags whose design is entirely matte-black — a perennially trendy look. Charcoal gray and other neutrals also complement this finish handsomely. Our antique bronze eyelets have a finish very similar to that of the button on your favorite pair of jeans. Antique copper eyelets are great for housewares and garments, where copper found use historically. The antique bronze and antique copper finishes on an eyelet makes a tag intended to look old seem even older. We think these two antiqued options could be great for any number of rusticated or “vintage” products. Contact us for information about our new metal eyelet finishes, or for information about eyelet application.