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NEW Gold Braid

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An image of a spool of our new gold braid.

M&F Stringing now offers our new gold braid, a luxuriant material for projects of distinction. We love this material for how it catches the light, and invites the consumer to pick it up. Unlike other metallic options such as metallic lamé, our new gold braid features a distinctive rounded profile. While metallic lamé has a profile that is less pronounced, the surface of our gold braid is quite smooth. The faceted nature of this material contributes to its reflective quality, and will make any product tag stand out from the competition. Its rounded surface is more smooth to the touch than metallic lamé, closely resembling the sinuous curve of a snake chain necklace. Our gold braid, when looped, will remain more rigid than metallic lamé. A loop of gold braid will retain its form more readily when being handled, which in turn helps the a product remain immaculate in appearance.

Naturally, tags on higher end products benefit from the use of a material like this one. We think it is an excellent choice for all kinds of luxury goods. In particular, we think it will be a winning option for any winter holiday item. We also think that its qualities make it a natural choice for any occasional gift. The distinctive profile and texture make the gold braid feel softer and more natural than lame. When you actually hold this material, you will instantly note that it is pleasing to handle.

Please, do not take our word for it. You will want to handle this string yourself and become convinced. You may want to do the same for your client, as well. We want to put this material in your hands so you can feel the difference. Feel free to contact us to request samples of our new gold braid. You can also check out more images of our new gold braid, a part of our Signature Collection, on our site.