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NEW Signature Collection

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Spools of a few samplings from our new Signature Collection of custom string.


M&F presents the new Signature Collection, an assortment of custom strings for your marketing projects of distinction. We work with our suppliers to produce bespoke multi-color cotton string, variegated Pearlray, or metallic yarns matched to your design. We find that the multi-color options of our new Signature Collection garner the most attention. As was historically the case with stripes, these designs draw a consumer’s gaze, bringing products to the center of attention. Some products, such as those of a luxurious nature at the higher end of the market, benefit from metallic fibers. Our metallic yarns have interwoven metallic fibers, which, like their historical precedents, denote a sense of distinction and preeminence. We find that products sold during the winter holidays do well with these options, available with gold and silver strands.


Larger orders always have lead times, and consequently, these always require thoughtful planning. We love to work with customers on marketing campaigns that are planned months in advance. We also relish any opportunity to work quickly and bring our customers’ new products from their design team into production. When we can get ahead of your timeline, the sky is the limit for customization. If you have a concept you’re working on (even if you’re not yet at the estimating stage) please reach out early if time permits. We want to be there with you when you develop innovative designs using our new Signature Collection. And, needless to say, if the budget is right, we can produce any of these in almost any color.

The use of these one-of-a-kind string options can set your design apart from the rest. This, in turn, can help a product to rise above the fray. Please contact us today for more information or to request samples, or for an estimate.