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Hole Punch Sizes

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A visual guide illustrating the hole punch sizes used for various string options.

M&F Stringing offers a wide variety of strings of varying thicknesses and qualities. We use different hole punch sizes to suit the width of each string option.


We offer thinner string options like bakery twine, standard rayon, and metallic lamé, and mid-size options. These include a range of elastics, like our standard elastic, non-fray elastic, metallic elastic, and our #80 elastic, as well as our luxurious satin ribbon. We have also have thicker, mid-range string options in our line of cords and our line of rustic, rugged natural fiber strings. We also have thicker options that are more polished, like our solid color Pearlray and our visually striking variegated Pearlray. Our largest hole punch sizes are for jobs requiring hand assembly, such as our gold braid, which is part of our Signature Collection of exceptional strings.


Our stringing machines punch holes in the hang tags just before the string is automatically tied. Hole punching operations take place “in-line” with the mechanical stringing process. We use different hole punch sizes, specifically different “tooling”, to accommodate each kind of string, according to the specific physical requirements of each material option.


We have assembled a basic visual guide in order to explain to our customers how all of this works. You can also check out all of the stringing options noted above, and shown in the featured diagram. You might have more questions about how to design a hang tag. If so, we’ve got you covered. We suggest you have a look at our handy Design Guidelines, or our  FAQ. If these have not answered your questions, please always feel free to reach out. You can always feel free to contact us with your specific queries. We are always happy to help educate the consumer about our process and methodology.

When you have prepared your tag design, please visit our Estimates page. There, you can fill in the form on the page to begin the estimating process.