Our variegated bakery twine is feather-light and soft to the touch. This string features a distinctive barber pole pattern and a slightly weathered texture. It remains a favorite for garments, particularly those of a rustic nature. We think it also works well for specialty foods, and evokes an time of root beer floats and vintage eateries. It is also a natural choice for anything handmade, and looks handsome with all sorts of handicrafts. We find that the darker colors work best, owing to the greater contrast between white and the darker color. We can order any of the color combinations shown on this page at any time. For orders of sufficiently large scope, we can obtain other colors, as well. Please contact us to learn more or request samples.

Die-cut red medallion-shaped tags strung with red bakery twine.

Red Bakery Twine

Red and white stripes make up the pattern which defines bakery twine. In traditional bakeries, a spool of this string would hang in a chrome dispenser above the counter, for tying up boxes of baked goods. This combination can draw forth that imagery, making it an ideal choice for tags on specialty foods or housewares.

Folded die-cut strawberry-shaped tags strung with red bakery twine.

Yellow Bakery Twine

Yellow bakery twine is an interesting color variant because of the lower visual contrast between the yellow and white strands that are woven together to make this color combination. We find that this works best with other shades of yellow, or warm hues like orange, which can help to highlight the yellow strands in the bakery twine.

Glossy tag with red and yellow graphics strung with yellow bakery twine. Glossy oval tags with a scalloped orange border strung with yellow bakery twine.

Blue Bakery Twine

Our bakery twine looks particularly crisp and clean in blue. Any kind of product with a maritime theme would be well-suited to this string, as would any culinary product. Garments, accessories, gifts, craft items, and housewares would be served well by this color. We think it looks its best on bold white cover stock.

White tags with rounded corners strung with blue bakery twine. White folded tags strung with blue bakery twine.

Green Bakery Twine

Green bakery twine is one of the higher-contrast options, and is suited to a variety of color schemes. The clean, woodsy feel of the bakery twine in this color combination is a natural choice for products used in holiday gifting, handicrafts, home design or gardening and the outdoors.

Maroon tags with snowflake graphic and two-tone green border strung with green bakery twine. Tags with rounded corners and foliage graphic strung with green bakery twine.