We stock a variety of twines and cords, which are available in a range of colors and finishes. These strings work well when a clean and natural look is desired. These are most often selected for stringing tags for garments, grown-up beverages, and all sorts of handmade gift items. We also find that they are sometimes used for inspection tags and other industrial uses.


Black Waxed Cord

Our black waxed cord has a weathered look reminiscent of old canvas. It is our thinnest type of cord; this shade of the material is commonly used with accessories and garments for fashion labels on the higher end of the market.

Black tags strung with black waxed cord. Booklets with foliage motif strung with black waxed cord.

Red Waxed Cord

Our red waxed cord is much like the string on envelopes for old inter-office correspondence, or on the envelopes we remember from our school days. The stiff profile, clearly visible in red, will lend a striking appearance to any hang tag design.

Ovular black tags with brass eyelets strung with red waxed cord. Green folded lime-shaped die-cut tags with red waxed cord.

Black Glazed Cord

Our black glazed cord has a softer feel and lacks the stiffness of our other cords. This cord is actually a dark charcoal color, and will look particularly handsome on an item requiring a tag that is to be draped loosely around the product.

Tags on integral black stock with lavender line art strung with black glazed cord. Purple tags with white border and dahlia graphic strung with black glazed cord.

Polished Cord

Polished cord is available in a natural off-white hue, and is often used for alteration and inspection tags, as well as other industrial and practical applications. It is a sturdy choice for any tag which is likely to be subjected to a lot of handling.

Red-orange tags strung with polished cord. Booklets with dense graffito artwork strung with polished cord.
Blue, navy, red, and chartreuse tags with Art Deco type strung with heavyweight bell cord. Blue booklets with cloud graphic strung with heavyweight bell cord.

Bell Cord

Our heavy weight bell cord is a dull tan that borders on gray, with a rough finish. Bell cord is an unfinished form of Pearlray string, lacking the soft, lustrous finish. Bell cord is often used on garments and alcohol, to convey a worn, rugged aesthetic.

Cotton Rope Cord Cotton Rope Cord

Cotton Rope Cord

Our cotton rope cord is our most rope-like string option, with a distinctive braided profile. Available in a natural white, this string is an good choice for anything handmade, anything nautical, or anything made for playtime in surf and sand.