We understand how packing and shipping activities are essential to the smooth functioning of any finishing operation. We offer a variety of different options for organizing, packing, and shipping your finished hang tags back to you, a fulfillment center or other facility, or even to multiple destinations, if needed.


Our final interaction with your finished tags is the packing and shipping stage of the order. This is when we have the opportunity to ensure that your finished pieces arrive at their destination in good order. We are admittedly finicky about packing cartons, because if we fail to do so, we put our work at risk.


We put a good deal of emphasis on how tags ought to be packed for shipment to M&F, as well. We go into this in some detail in our Design Guidelines. If you have questions on how we ship, or how you should ship us your tags, please contact us!

Hang tags that have been bundled, packed up, and made ready to ship.

Standard Pack-Out Operations

Our production staff takes great care in packing each carton to ensure that the bundles of your finished tags are not able to move around during shipment. By default, we band tags in bundles of approximately 50, and pack the bundles into bulk cartons weighing less than 35 pounds.

Photograph of our high-test cardboard cartons carefully sealed for shipment.

High Quality Cartons

Shipping procedures can significantly impact the delivery of a project. We pack out in the strongest 75-pound test cartons available, using high-quality reinforced gum tape. We always take care to securely reinforce our cartons for shipping, to ensure that the finished product arrives at its intended destination without damage.

Photograph of tags on white cover stock strung with pink ribbon and packed into poly bags.

ADDITIONAL — Poly Bagging

We understand that for some applications, finished pieces must be packed into specific quantities. Instead of shrink-wrapping, we offer scale counting and poly-bagging as an additional service to our clients, to protect and organize your finished tag job.

Photograph of multiple lots of tags separately packed for a freight shipment.

ADDITIONAL — Drop Shipments

Many of our clients find it convenient to have us ship their job directly to a number of destinations, in varying quantities. If time is of the essence, you may find this useful as well. We charge a small fee for each drop shipment, but not for blind shipment.