M&F Stringing offers complete hang tag, envelope, and booklet stringing services, including mechanical stringing, punching, eyeletting, folding, and hand assembly services, such as hand looping and hand stringing, for unique hang tag designs. We offer a large inventory of string in a variety of colors, including multiple weights of mercerized cotton, metallic lamé, solid color and bi-color variegated Pearlray, as well as a selection of heavy-duty cords, twines, and other natural fibers. We also have a range of elastics, including specialized non-fray and metallic elastic.

We are a domestic manufacturer committed to quality, with a team of experts standing ready to bring your ideas and design concepts from prototype to production. M&F Stringing has a longstanding reputation as a premier hang tag stringing operation and we invite you to discover what M&F can do for you.