Our double-faced satin ribbon is available in a 1/16″ thickness and has a luster that augments the visibility of a finished piece. Ribbon, associated with gifts and gifting, is a great choice for holiday items. We currently stock satin ribbon in pink and white. Please contact us to learn more or request samples.


Pink Satin Ribbon

Pink satin ribbon is a great choice for a wide array of garment tags, particularly those with a satiny finish. We have seen it used most often with accessories, but it lends itself well to any sort of apparel. This color is also well-suited to products intended for gifting.

Pink Satin Ribbon Pink Satin Ribbon

White Satin Ribbon

White satin ribbon is a high-end visual option which lends itself to any number of varieties of product. The common denominator is the luxurious feel of the ribbon; we have seen this used for applications as diverse as museum coat check tags, vodka, perfume, and lingerie.

1/16" Double Faced White Satin Ribbon 1/16" White Satin Ribbon