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NEW Cotton Rope Cord

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A spool of our Cotton Rope Cord.


Our new cotton rope cord is one of our thickest available options among our cords selections. It boasts a distinctive braided profile in addition to its relative thickness. With a worn surface, it most closely resembles old rope. While our Pearlray and bell cord also have a rope-like profile, they are different to this string. Pearlray has a shinier surface and bell cord is less supple, and is also rougher to the touch. Our new cotton rope cord is a pleasure to hold, due to its unmatched softness. We offer our new cotton rope cord in a natural, off-white shade. This color is an excellent match for a wide range of neutral tones. This shade also pairs well with bold colors, and can be a stand-in for a natural white. Since it is not a bright white color, we would avoid matching this with a bright white paper stock.


These qualities make our new cotton rope cord an ideal choice for anything nautical, equestrian, or anything that ties up. Designers will want to select this string for any handmade product. Its texture speaks of things made to be held. We expect it will be a handsome complement to any product relating to sailing, surfing, or maritime activities. Its texture evokes a particular association with manual labor, related to rope’s historical uses in sailing. A kind of nostalgia plays into this association for products with aquatic origins. Artisanal rum and other spirits would be suited to our new cotton rope cord, as would any product for surf and sand. If you are marketing whiskey or something like grog, or if your product has a pirate theme, you want to use this string.

We invite you to think of our new cotton rope cord for your new marketing projects. We always prefer to put our string selections in your hands, so please feel free to reach out and contact us to request a sample.