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We are the hang tag experts, and we love to talk about tags. We are also happy to tell you everything we know about anything that we do here at M&F. From folding and eyelets to custom string and hand assembly, we are here to help you understand how we can help. You may have questions about our processes, or you may want to know which questions to ask. If you prefer to learn about our processes independently, our handy Design Guidelines may prove useful. If you still have questions after looking those over, please reach out and contact us, or request an estimate.


We encourage you to ask us any and all questions about our highly specific niche of the print finishing industry. The questions which you are unsure of asking are likely especially relevant, and we welcome those gladly. We regularly hear from people in amazement that this specific niche exists, and who have questions that may seem strange. Don’t worry, we have heard it all, and we are always happy to tell folks all about tags. 


When a prospective customer reaches out ahead of time we know that the project is likely to go smoothly. Our experience with shorter print runs tells us that some jobs must be planned in short order. With some of our clients’ markets and products, planning in the long term can be a challenge. As with all projects, our work requires a particular responsiveness. We know how to work equally well on short runs as with marketing campaigns being prepared for next season. For this reason, we strive to make ourselves available to first-time and prospective customers as well as our longstanding client base. Whatever the scope and schedule of your project, we encourage you to get the answers you need today.


We will occasionally send you electronic communications about things we think you might find interesting and useful, such as exclusive discounts, capability updates, and innovative concepts in printing and packaging design.