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NEW Double Faced Satin Ribbon

A spool (and a small coiled length) of our new double-faced satin ribbon, in white.


M&F Stringing proudly presents yet another string option, our new double faced satin ribbon. Our double faced satin ribbon, available in a 1/16″ width, is a luxuriant option for any high end tag. It is a natural choice, therefore, for garment and lingerie products. Historical applications of this material are the primary reason for this association. Ribbon also lends importance to a tag of an official nature, and denotes a timeless sense of luxury. Its lustrous surface catches the light, and is unlike that of any other stringing option available. Consequently, we find that ribbon works well for garment tags at the higher end of the market. We think it is perfect for absolutely any kind of garment, owing to to the particulars of its historical context. We think that marketing experts and tag designers do, as well.


The origins of ribbon date back to the 11th century in St. Etienne, the capital city of the Loire Valley region in Northwest France. Ribbons were once made by hand in complicated configurations. Specifically, the Loire is the birthplace of jacquards, which are ribbons featuring elaborate woven designs. The hand made nature of these materials made them extremely costly to manufacture. Early ribbon artisans later exported their handicrafts to Germany and England. Today, ribbon manufacturing still takes place in Krefeld in Germany, as well as in Coventry in England. Historically, the use of ribbon was primarily for garments and undergarments. Today, however, ribbon is primarily machine-made, and used in a wide variety of decorative and functional applications.

Many of our clients have used double faced satin ribbon with beautiful hang tags. The possibilities for your luxury product are endless. Contact us today for more information about our new double faced satin ribbon, or to request a sample.