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NEW Hemp String

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A photo of a spool of our new hemp string, a weathered-looking 6-ply hemp twine.


Perennially cool and authentic, our new hemp string is a braided, wet-spun hemp twine. This natural fiber is famously useful, and also has many historical applications in textile, jewelry, and rope production. We offer this rugged-looking material of rustic origins in two thicknesses. Our lighter weight 3-ply hemp twine suits all kinds of products, from crafts to craft beer. We also think it is perfect for a hang tag on spirits, garments, candles, and gourmet foods. Hemp is the thinnest of our natural fiber options, with a trimmer profile than our jute twine. It is perfect for a product which needs to seem somewhat rustic, but also neat in appearance.


This thinner option works with our stringing machines. Our heavyweight 6-ply hemp twine has a noticeably thicker profile. We do not offer the 6-ply hemp for tags requiring machine stringing. We can use this thicker hemp option for your distinctive hand-assembly jobs. Roughly the same size as our jute twine, it is visually well-suited for a heavy-duty tag. We can also use it to link a series of tags in a single assembly, like you find on garments. We invite you to contact M&F Stringing today to discover more about our new hemp string selections.