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NEW Design Guidelines

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An excerpt from our Design Guidelines. (mfstringing.com/design-guidelines)


Here at M&F Stringing, we interact with all sorts of customers. We hear from folks who have never had the opportunity to work with hang tags as a sales tool. Routinely, we work with seasoned marketing veterans who know the printing (and sometimes, stringing) process inside and out. Our aim is to make everyone’s experience of working with M&F Stringing an easy process yielding great results.

Our goal, therefore, is to provide guidance to all customers and potential customers about the intricacies of hang tag design. With this in mind, we have assembled a visual dictionary for everyone to use, so we can explain the requirements of our process. We want this to be transparent, so we can communicate with people interested in tags for their product or marketing campaign.


M&F Stringing’s Hang Tag Design Guidelines address the most frequently asked questions about tag design in a visual format. We want to make these design concepts as readily understandable and accessible as possible, to the widest audience. We invite you to take a moment to check out our new Design Guidelines today. Even veterans of print marketing may learn a thing or two about the ins and outs of tag design. We invite you to learn about our process, so you can use our capabilities to the fullest. We want to empower you to leverage the marketing power of hang tags to broadcast the message behind your product. Above all, we want to empower you to be able to use absolutely everything we know to grow your brand. In the end, our primary goal is to help you generate business.