NEW Gold Braid

An image of a spool of our new gold braid.

M&F Stringing now offers our new gold braid, a luxuriant material for projects of distinction. We love this material for how it catches the light, and invites the consumer to pick it up. Unlike other metallic options such as metallic lamé, our new gold braid features a distinctive rounded profile. While…

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NEW Double Faced Satin Ribbon

A spool (and a small coiled length) of our new double faced satin ribbon, in white.

APPEARANCE AND STYLE M&F Stringing proudly presents yet another string option, our new double faced satin ribbon. Our double faced satin ribbon, available in a 1/16″ width, is a luxuriant option for any high end tag. It is a natural choice, therefore, for garment and lingerie products. Historical applications of…

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